Book Edit 2

I went through my first book edit with my tutor to get some feedback and help on my design. I have kept the front cover and the opening page the same, they did not

I have edited and rewritten the introductory text, to make it more concise and to the point. I have not made any changes to the map pages.

I had originally decided to use a different portrait of Jo, one that was taken on the same day as the one on the right – the detail of her hands. However Julia said that, for her, it looked too samey. I have decided to use the portrait of Jo at the table, keeping the detail shot of her hands as I think it portrays a part of her personality. How she sits and how she holds her self, it portrays her as very comfortable.
On the second double page spread, I have corrected the colour balance of the written captions Jo gave me as they were very blue to begin with. The following pages have then all stayed the same.

In my first book design, the image of the fire place on the next double page spread did not really relate to the text about their home in Prestwick. As the text talks about their two children, it made sense to change the image to photograph of three framed pictures they have of their kids on the wall. I had to edit the image first before including it in the design.

In order to improve the image I corrected the keystoning, the angles of the frames in the original shot did not look right and were therefore distracting. The new image is not perfect but is better than it was. I then corrected the colour balance, the black and white shots looked to blue and so I fixed that, which made the cream wall a little more warmer. I then finally cropped it so that the wall space was even on either side of the frames.
This looks much more effective in the book now, and the image relates much better than the first image I had used.

The resolution of the shot of their home in Cranwell was not very good, due to it being taken from Facebook rather than being a scan of the original image. Julia helped me resize it so the resolution was better and the file was smaller.

As you can see on the following pages I have also again changed the colour balance of the written captions. On the last double page here I also resized the shot of her children outside their home, and rearranged the images and text around the page.

On the next double page spread I got rid of the shot of John’s hat on the floral bed spread. It just did not look very effective against the darker shot of his hat in the pocket of his khaki print uniform. I instead replaced it with a shot of the hat, sitting amongst the shadows and frames of military prints and paintings. I think these two shots work much better together, furthermore the framed image in the foreground still relates to their Cotswold lifestyle. I think it is a nice juxtaposition still.

I have finally removed the image from the back page. I think it looked too crowded and was not effective in just repeating the front cover. I have decided to keep it blank, and add my copyright at the bottom of the page.

I am very happy with this design, and I think it will be the one I choose to use for my final book design. I just need to insert the one written caption from Jo that I am waiting for. I am going to send her this design however for her to look through, and if there is anything she is not happy with or wants adding in, I can make further changes.


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