Book Feedback from Jo

I sent Jo my latest book version to get her feedback, and she also sent an image of the final written caption.

Jo really liked the book but did not think the full body shot of John was suitable, which I completely respect. I have therefore decided to remove it from the book. The new double page spread looks like this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.25.50

I also have added in the written caption into the page about their home in Cranwell. It is a shame it is only an image of her text however, as the quality isn’t amazing and it looks different from the rest of the scans.

Caption 1

I am going to experiment with tracing the text myself as best as I can and rescanning it. If this does not work I will have to use this image, but I feel it ruins the whole feel of the book which is a shame.

latest caption edit

Above is my attempt at tracing and rescanning the caption. I feel like it is obvious it has been traced and not Jo’s own writing and that it will stand out against the rest of the captions.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.56.26

When I placed it in the book page to see, it very clearly does not look right and it looks very amateur. I have since messed around with printing, cutting around, scanning and editing the image of the caption.

Again, I do not think any of these have been terribly successful. I have attempted to keep the shape of the paper Jo originally wrote on but doing so is very difficult and it has not been very successful. Furthemore, I have tried to adjust the colour balance to make the paper whiter but it has been difficult to match it to the other scans. As it was originally an image, the quality of the text isn’t amazing either. I have added in the best version of the caption in to my book design to see how it looks.

I think this page is just generally pretty unsuccessful and does not bring much to the whole feel and aesthetic of the book. When you get to this page as you flick through the book, it loses its professional quality, which I want to avoid from happening. The mix of the both the image and the caption not being original scans makes for it being a very unsuccessful page.
I have decided that I am going to remove this page from the book, although it is a part of the main structure of the book as all of the other places they have lived have a double page spread dedicated to archive photographs of the time, I do not think this page brings much to the book and ultimately makes it unsuccessful. There is still a main section of text that talks about their home in Cranwell so therefore I do not think it is going to affect the narrative.
It is a shame I have to remove this shot and caption completely but I think it is the best decision for the overall feel of my final book.


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